Free 5 Day Kundalini Yoga Wellness Challenge

An event dedicated to helping you fit yoga into your busy lives by following my daily 15 minute online yoga program so you can have some time out for your self every day to feel calm and in control so you can live your healthiest and most fulfilling life.

4th January 2021| Online Event



  • Develop Core strength, flexibility to help you get in shape quickly.
  • Boost digestion and metabolism to help you make healthier choices and lose weight more easily.
  • Learn how to roll out aches and pains using a ball or foam roller so you can get rid of aches and pains quickly and improve posture.
  • Breathe deeply and boost immune system so you will have fewer colds and more be resistance to flu this winter.
  • I shall show you how to relax and meditate, so important these days to help you can stay calm, recharge and sleep better.
  • Join our face book group, together we can keep your motivation going. I will be posting my daily short videos here and answering your questions in live calls every day too.

Testimonial from my online Yoga students

Meet Jennifer Greenlees.

I started my yoga journey going to class but I really started gaining all the benefits when I started practicing at home every day.

I loved it as it was so easy to do all you need is a mat, blanket and cushion. I would light some incense and put on some music. Its a fantastic 'time out' from a busy day and wonderful self care. I worked evenings and weekends as a massage therapist and yoga teacher so I couldn't make regular yoga classes. Mornings suited me best or I would bring my mat to work and fit it in a break which always felt fantastic. I needed to stretch out every day as my massage work is not good for your posture and I did not want to get a bad back.

Nowadays life seems to have gotten even busier as a mum and a wife but 15 minutes everyday is all I need to stay in shape, keep sane and injury free.

I love having yoga at my fingertips, I do more yoga than I would do going to class. I get the benefits every day and I can even do it on holidays or in the gym.

I support my online students 100% designing classes to suit their individual needs, checking in with them and even giving out prizes to students to encourage anyone falling behind to keep up. Prizes include massage, one on ones, Kundalini T-shirts etc. Please join me, I would be delighted help you your yoga journey too!

Free 5 Day Kundalini Yoga and Wellness Challenge